2018 season outlook

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Description The 2018 dried grape harvest is expected to be strong, according to Dried Fruits Australia Chairman Mark King. “Crops are maturing on time, and the season will begin around the long-term average start date,” Mr King said. “It looks like the yield will be greater than last year. We’re expecting total dried grape production to be about 20,000 tonnes. “The sultana crop was down in 2017, but it’s bounced back really well this year. “The fruit quality should also be very good, with no damage from heat or disease.” Mr King urged growers to put a harvest plan in place to ensure they wouldn’t get caught out by a rain event. “Growers should be organised and prepared as we approach harvest, with their harvester and other equipment ready to go, and labour organised,” he said. “It is important to monitor the weather forecast when fruit is nearing ripeness. “When fruit is ready to harvest, growers should be ready to start.” Mr King said dried fruit processors would meet with growers before announcing prices this month. “Prices are expected to remain the same as last year or increase slightly,” he said.
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