Industry Biosecurity Plan

The biosecurity package developed for the Australian viticulture industry focuses on a number of key areas: Threat identification, pest risk assessment, and incursion management funding [...]

Testing the impact of pesticides on survival of beneficial insects and mites in dried fruits crops

Report to the Australian Dried Fruits Association Inc. by Peter Cole from IPM Technologies (Hurstbridge, Vic) This project builds on the knowledge gained from the 2003-04 project "Testing [...]

Carbon Dioxide Fumigation of Processed Dried Vine Fruit (Sultana) in Sealed Stacks

Dried vine fruit, in Australia, is disinfested with ethyl formate and methyl bromide. Altemative disinfestation techniques for methyl bromide are being sought and laboratory studies indicate [...]

Some Effects of Light Intensity and Temperature on Dry Weight and Shoot Growth of Grapevine

The present paper describes some effects of light intensity and temperature on non-fruiting growth of a grape-vine variety, normally grown in warm regions, using controlled environment growth [...]

La viticulture Australienne

Processing of Dried Sultanas – The Effect of Temperature and Machine Settings

Sultanas of four grade lots, dried after treatment with alkaline oil-in-water emulsion, were processed In an experimental plant to examine the effects of varying cone speed. cage clearance and [...]

Effects Of Abscisic Acid On Growth Correlation In Vitis vinifera L.

The paper reports an effect of foliar application of abscisic acid on inflorescence growth in non-rooted vine cuttings. Three successive foliar applications of ABA produced marked but variable [...]

The Siro Gritometer For Determination Of The Grit Content Of Dried Vine Fruits

A relatively simple and inexpensive apparatus has been developed for the rapid determination of the surface contamination of dried vine fruits by grit. Up to 80 measurements can be made in an [...]

Aspects Of The Physiology Of Grape Vines

Describes the research being conducted by the CSIRO Division of Horticultural Research into subjects such as the effect endotropic mycorrhiza on the nutrition of grape vines, the nitrogen [...]