Dried Fruits Australia (DFA) is the national industry body, representing the growers, processors and marketers of dried grapes.

The not-for-profit organisation, formerly known as the Australian Dried Fruits Association, was established in 1907 to protect the interests of growers. Our vision is for a sustainable and innovative horticultural industry that consistently supplies high quality dried grapes to consumers.

We support the development of the industry by:

  • Conducting research and releasing findings and technical information relating to world’s best practice in viticulture.
  • Promoting the benefits of new grape varieties, mechanisation and trellis drying.
  • Encouraging sustainable management practices on farms, particularly relating to water, fertiliser and chemical usage.
  • Investing in marketing and promotions and attending trade fairs and industry events around the world.
  • Providing training courses for growers to improve quality and risk management and help with cost reduction.
  • Working with processors and grower managers to promote quality production techniques and practices.
  • Running field days to develop grower skills and knowledge and receive feedback.

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