Hort Innovation projects

The following initiatives have been funded by Hort Innovation using the dried grape industry levy and Australian Government contributions in the case of research and development. Read more about ongoing and past projects on the Hort Innovation Dried Grape Fund website.

Dried grape production innovation and adoption program

The dried grape production innovation and adoption program aims to help producers access and share leading and emerging research and knowledge on production techniques to grow skills, improve productivity and keep quality high. The program, which began in 2018, includes workshops, seminars, field walks and focus groups for growers.

Australian dried fruit communications program

Established in 2019 (following on from the 2016-commencing program), this project continues to maintain and improve communication with dried grape growers and other stakeholders. By keeping the industry up-to-date on R&D, news, events and other critical information, its goal is to facilitate the uptake of R&D by industry and support decision making in dried fruit businesses.

Evaluation of dried and table grapes varieties

This multi-industry project, which began in 2016, will deliver new grape varieties for the dried grape and table grape industries. For dried grapes, the project will deliver new, consistently high yielding, rain-tolerant varieties that produce a premium light-coloured, globally differentiated product to enhance value.


Hort Innovation invests the dried grape marketing levy into a range of activities to grow awareness and consumption. The marketing program has traditionally focused on promoting dried grapes in export markets, and Europe in particular. Recent activity has also turned the spotlight on Asian markets. A new public relations campaign has been designed to create awareness of the Australian dried grape story and showcase dried grapes at their best as both a relevant snack and versatile ingredient. The campaign’s activities and content will have a primary focus on the domestic market but will also aim to reach internationally.
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