The ADFA and dried fruits marketing

Subtitled: A memorandum of the establishment, growth and marketing activities of the Australian Dried Fruits Association, and the development of Commonwealth marketing with particular reference [...]

South African study tour

To attend the SASEV/OIV international congress in Capetown and participate in technical tours conducted as part of the symposium, covering plant improvement, canopy management and economy of [...]

Field studies with drying emulsion formulations to improve fruit quality and reduce processing damage

To extend results from laboratory studies with modified drying emulsion formulations to the field situation and demonstrate potential benefits from low oil formulations. These include low cash [...]

The impact of grower practices on final dried vine fruit quality

Quality characteristics of sultana fruit samples, which were collected from commercial packers or produced in controlled experiments, were assessed before processing, after processing and after [...]

Identification of species and the origin of Tribulus found in areas of dried vine fruit production

To identify, and determine the origin of Tribulus species (caltrop) that occur in areas of dried vine fruit production as a pre-requisite for identifying suitable control measures. (DFRDC project [...]

Salt tolerance and water use of sultanas grafted to a range of hybrid rootstocks

A field trial designed to test the effectiveness of a range of rootstocks in enhancing the salt tolerance of Sultana vines was conducted over a period of 6 years. (DFRDC project no. CSH 23 DF)

The effect of dressing oil content on storage characteristics of sultanas and new grape selections for drying

Dried sultanas are coated with specially developed dressing oil after processing. The application of this oil helps to improve the free flowing characteristics of the fruit after processing and [...]

Assessment of improved currants, (muscat types), early ripening, large berried or disease resistant Sultana types and seedless selections from in-ovulo embryo rescue as drying grapes

The project assessed a diverse range of drying selections from the CSIRO breeding and variety evaluation program. Plantings were also established with new selections identified in preliminary [...]

Integration of alternative drying varieties with efficient low input and highly productive management systems

Seedless varieties which had shown considerable promise as large berried alternatives to the seeded lexialraisin varieties, Muscat Gordo Blanco and Waltham Cross were evaluated as drying [...]

Determine and manage factors which influence skin strength of sultana berries and hence, processing damage

Friable dried fruit products is a high industry priority. Skin fragility, particularly of light coloured sultanas, leads to excessive processing damage and subsequent problems with moisture [...]