Cordon bunch removal for trellis dried grapes

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Authors Downey, Mark
Hancock, Fred
Publishers Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL)
Category Books/Reports
Description Mechanisation of dried vine fruit production is an integral element in the economic survival of the Australian dried vine fruit industry. Historically, the industry sprayed ammonium nitrate to remove the cordon bunches. Increased security measures relating to the purchase, use and storage of ammonium nitrate prompted the industry to seek alternative chemicals for the removal of cordon bunch. A review of literature and industry consultation identified sodium nitrate, calcium nitrate, sodium chloride, urea, gibberellic acid and Ethrel® as possible alternatives. These chemicals were trialled in the first year of the project at a range of concentrations and at different application dates. Calcium nitrate and Ethrel® were the most effective treatments. In the following two seasons the project evaluated the effectiveness of these two chemicals at different rates and timings of application. (Proj no. DG05001)
Year 2008
Copy Date 2014-10-22
Copy Right Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL)
Orig. Format digital
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