Crop forecasting and management of yield fluctuations in the modern Sultana vineyard

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Authors Islam, M. T.
Sommer, Karl J.
Publishers CSIRO
Category Books/Reports

Seasonal yield fluctuations of Sultana reduces returns for the grower and hampers marketing prospects. The aim of this project was to reduce the impact of Sultana yield fluctuationsto the dried fruit industry. To that end the project focused on two areas. Firstly it aimed to develop a method for a timely and accurate yield estimation. Secondly, it aimed to gain a better understanding of the influence of modem management practices on seasonal yield variations. Of particular interest were comparisons of tall and wide trellises, suitable for full mechanisation, with traditional trellises and grafted versus own rooted vines. (DFRDC project no. CSH56)

Year 2000
Copy Date 2015-07-14
Copy Right CSIRO
Orig. Format hard copy
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