Enhanced dried grapes types for the Australian industry

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Authors Clingeleffer, P. R.
Publishers Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL)
Category Books/Reports
Description This project (no. DG09000) has built on outputs from previous CSIRO studies supported by HAL (i.e. CSH 17, 24, 54, 60, DG 04003 and DG 01001. It aimed to develop drying varieties that meet market requirements to improve the economic sustainability of dried grape production and enable the industry to meet future challenges associated with production in a variable and changing climate and overcome problems/deficiencies of existing standard varieties. It has evaluated dried grape breeding lines generated in previous projects, particularly in DG04003 (development of rain tolerant drying types). The project has delivered selections for commercial release as varieties; selections for larger scale evaluation under commercial conditions on grower properties and selections for further assessment by industry that have been established in multiplied plots.
Year 2012
Copy Date 2014-10-23
Copy Right Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL)
Orig. Format Digital
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