Optimising Sunmuscat dried fruit quality (berry size and flavour)

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Authors Clingeleffer, P. R.
Tarr, Caroline R.
Publishers Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL)
Category Books/Reports

The aim of this project includes identification of vineyard management practices that will optimise berry size and muscat flavour in dried Sunmuscat grapes.  Optimum vineyard cane length and number were investigated through application of a range of management techniques.  Preferred GA application dosages and timing were investigated in a typical mechanised vineyard.   Muscat flavour intensity in fresh and dried fruit samples was monitored during ripening to identify the optimum harvest window for muscat flavour.  Consumer testing of dried fruit was undertaken to establish product differences. (HAL project no DG03006)

Year 2006
Copy Date 2014-10-22
Copy Right CSIRO Plant Industry, Merbein
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